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When you are ready to replace your water heater, there are a few things to consider. You will want to choose a water heating system that will provide enough hot water for your entire family. Look for an energy efficient model that will save you money on your utility bills. Also, you will want to analyze the different types of water heaters, determining the right size and fuel source for your home.

Water Heater Service

Haller Enterprises offers a wide variety of quality water heaters from brands you know and trust. We carry tankless water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters and more. Call our expert plumbers for more information, or visit our showroom to review your options. We have the perfect sized water heater for you that is sure to suit your budget, fuel type and energy efficiency needs. Schedule an appointment with Haller today!

Choosing the Right Fuel Type for Your New Water Heater

When deciding on your new water heater in PA, it's important to consider what fuel type or energy source it will use, in addition to its availability and cost. The fuel will not only affect your water heater's operating costs, but also its energy efficiency. Electric water heaters are a typical choice, since electricity is currently running in your home. Now more than ever, an energy efficient model is of the utmost importance based on the present increases in electricity prices. Natural gas, fuel oil and propane are alternatives available to you.

Water Heater Service

Prior to purchasing a new water heater system, it's an excellent idea to check the fuel type's availability in your area and then compare the current costs, especially if you are building a new home. If you're replacing a water heater, you may save more money in the long run by switching your fuel or energy source. Keep in mind some types of water heaters may use one fuel type more efficiently than others. Haller Enterprises can help you choose the right water heater for your home. Contact us today for the following:

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  • "Charles was out to do maintenance on our system. We are new to the area and I absolutely loved him. I didn't even know we had a humidifier on our system. Charles explained everything to us and cleaned everything up for us. He found a small leak and sealed it and told me to keep an eye on it to make sure it was not leaking. I was VERY happy with him! I was impressed that he didn't just try to sell me a new part or new system."
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