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Water Testing in Lancaster

Everyone deserves fresh, clean water, whether they live on the public grid or rely on wells for their water supplies. Haller Enterprises is here to help!

Our residential water testing in Lancaster will quickly determine if you have any problems with hardness, pH or iron content. Once we identify any issues, we have the services available to solve them. Unfortunately, due to the characteristics of this precious resource, it can be difficult to know you're dealing with contaminants based on taste alone.

Signs You Have Poor Water Quality

The Haller water testing service puts Lancaster residents at ease. Our prompt and professional handling of your samples quickly determines issues with quality. Once we identify any problems with your supply, we offer you several solutions suited to your budget.

Like the EPA, Haller encourages clients to perform drinking water testing in Lancaster each spring. This is an excellent time for rural families to have their systems checked for necessary repairs as well.

While regular testing is important, don't wait if you notice your water has changed. You may need to have your supply tested right away if your water:

  • Tastes or smells bad
  • Appears red, brown or blue
  • Leaves sediment after settling
  • Leaves you gassy or nauseous

Call Haller immediately and schedule your Lancaster water quality test today.

What Problems Arise From Polluted Water?

As we've heard from families in Flint, MI, certain contaminants can cause serious neurological problems. It's important to ensure your water is safe for your family, as well as the equipment throughout your home. While water quality in your area isn't notably poor, there are benefits to filtration right at the source. Among them are protecting your family.

High iron content is our first concern when it comes to drinking water testing in Lancaster. Why? Because high iron content can lead to organ failure. For infants, anyone with reduced kidney function and people already taking high-iron supplements, this kind of water contamination can result in death if left untreated.

What's likely to happen if there's too much iron in your water supply? You'll suffer from brown, orange or reddish water. It can smell and taste strange. You'll also begin to experience common stomach problems, such as nausea, vomiting, gas and constipation on a regular basis.

Hardness and pH balance have a larger impact on your home's appliances than on the body. Hard water is alkaline, with pH ratings of 8 and above. This leads to poor performance in the dishwasher and washing machine, as well as quick calcium buildup on your pipe's and appliance components.

Acidic water is even worse. It's corrosive nature leaches metals from your pipes and delivers them straight into your drinking water. Acidic water also wears away at your water heater, filtration device and all of your piping and hardware. Anytime your water tastes bitter or metallic, you may be experiencing pH problems.

Enjoy fresh water that tastes and smells great. Call Haller today to schedule reliable residential water testing in Lancaster and protect your family and home today!

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