Home Automation Services

Welcome to the ultimate solution in home convenience. Haller 's Home Automation experts design, install, and program customized systems for our clients. Haller 's Home Automation Services include lighting controls, HVAC controls, home comfort controls, audio/video controls, security systems, and much more.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Controls

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Home Automation ServicesA lighting control system can start saving you money right away! Not to mention the number of convenient features it provides. Imagine falling asleep in the living room watching TV. You wake up and stumble to bed, leaving lights on all over the house. You reach over to your nightstand and hit the "Goodnight" button on your keypad and all of the lights in your house turn off except that one light above the sink you like to use as a night lite, which just dimmed down to 25%. Lighting controls allow you to manage the amount of light or wattage that is used and over time, this reduced usage can add up to savings. What if your outside lights could tell when the sun went down every day of the year and turn on by themselves? These are just some examples of what today's lighting control systems can do. The best part is all of this can be done in your existing home without running a single new wire! Find out how a lighting control system can change the way you live today!

HVAC and Other Home Comfort Controls

HVAC  and Other Home Comfort Home Automation ServicesIt 's late, you 're almost home so you pull out your iPhone and disarm your security system. Five different rooms turn on lights to your preferred dim levels, the thermostats switch to your preferred temperature settings, the music in the kitchen comes on at a low ambient level welcoming you home, and your spa heater kicks on to be at the ready. All of this happened because you disarmed the security system on a weekday after sunset. In reality, it's a combination of today's latest technology and some of the best programmers in the business. The ability to automatically control and manage a thermostat results in greater system efficiency and cost savings. Done right, with the right people and products, automation systems can truly create a lifestyle for you and your family that you never thought possible.

High Performance Video Systems and Multi-zone Audio Systems

Video Home Automation ServicesIt has never been easier to let everyone in the home enjoy the kind of music they like. Multi-zone audio systems are not only a breeze to use, but when coupled with some of today 's music choices (Sirius, streaming, iTunes) it becomes an addition to your life that you will wonder how you ever lived without. There are a large number of choices when it comes to whole house music systems and we have done the research for you! Haller will help you make a decision you will feel good about for years to come.

Home Theatre Systems

Home Theater Home Automation ServicesDo you recall the first time you went to the movie theater? The excitement! The feeling you had when you left. The WOW factor sticks with you forever. With the help of today's technology and our experienced installers, you can have that very same feeling in your own home. There is much more to creating that exact environment than just a big screen and a surround system. Proper calibration and room correction can make your ears dance and trick your senses into thinking you are somewhere else entirely. Learn more about customizing your home theatre system today.

Security System Solutions

Security Home Automation ServicesThere is nothing more important in this world than your family. Haller values your home 's security as if it was our own and offers the best solution to fit your family 's needs. We install security system solutions including cameras, wireless components, motion detectors, driveway sensors, and remote access. The products we use are ready for third party automation systems so you will never be behind the times. ELAN Touch Screen Control Panel

Benefits of Home Automation:

  • Peace of mind
  • Comfort and safety
  • Convenience
  • Cost Savings

Automation Services are available for new construction projects, retrofit applications in existing homes, as well as for business purposes. No matter how big or small the job, Haller provides quality work from project conception to completion.

Haller Enterprises ' Home Automation Division services are offered to Haller customers and everyone in the Haller Enterprises territory of Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

For more information on Home Automation Services, Contact Haller Enterprises at 888.565.0546.

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