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Photo of Haller Enterprises HVAC When it comes to HVAC, safety and comfort of building occupants are a priority, and finding cost effective solutions is key. Routine maintenance will extend equipment life, maximize efficiency and ensure that unsafe equipment is identified for quick remediation. When replacement is necessary, Haller is your expert on efficiency levels and will handle installation and setup from start to finish. Your Haller consultant is also able to assist with humidification, carbon monoxide monitoring, programmable thermostats, zoning and building automation.


Photo of Haller Enterprises Lights There have been many advances in lighting technology over the last ten to fifteen years, and high efficiency products not only save money, but also provide improved light quality, uniformity and output. With lighting accounting for 20 to 50 percent* of a building's electricity consumption, it is quite often the first place to look for ways to save money with energy efficient improvements. Haller Enterprises provides all types of commercial electrical services such as panel services, meter base, wiring, interior and exterior lighting, network cabling, generators to protect critical systems and more. If you are expanding your business, updating current systems or interested in ways to incorporate energy efficient lighting or controls, the experienced staff at Haller can make it happen.


Photo of sinks with plumbing services done by Haller Enterprises Plumbing needs are a necessary part of every business. Commercial water heaters are required to handle the high demand of a commercial facility and regular maintenance will ensure continuity of service and reduction of downtime. Small changes to plumbing fixtures such as touchless faucets and dual flush toilets not only reduce water usage, they also prevent cross contamination and promote a healthier work environment. There's never a "good" time for a plumbing emergency and Haller technicians are on staff 24/7 to handle your emergency in a timely manner. Haller handles all aspects of your plumbing needs, from main water lines, trenching, pumps, tanks, ejection systems and sewer line cleaning, to water heater repair and replacement, water conditioning systems and fixture upgrades.

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